Parent And Toddler Health (PATH) Study

This study is currently not recruiting. Stay tuned for our results!


The PATH (Parent and Toddler Health) Study

We are looking for parents with children between the ages of 3 and 5 years old to participate in a study about picky-eating.

What is the study about?

Feeding a toddler (ages 3-5y) can be stressful for parents, especially if the child is a picky eater. We want to understand what strategies and behaviors parents use to encourage their child to eat. Feeding a picky eater can be even more difficult if the parent has limited resources. We want to understand and develop methods to help parents with limited resources to encourage their children to eat fruits and vegetables. Finally, we want to better understand how picky eating influences childhood growth. This is a first step to understanding how all these different factors work together.  

Why participate?

You will help understand and develop methods to encourage parents with limited resources to feed their child fruits and vegetables 

You will be compensated for your time ($5 per-survey, plus $5 for completing all surveys) 

What is involved? 

Parents will complete surveys in which they will be asked about the foods they buy, challenges to purchasing food, alternative food sources, and resources (federal programs like SNAP and WIC, food pantries, and community gardens). We will also ask about how the parents feed their child and how their child behaves while eating (like picky eating, eating too fast, etc.) 

Consent Form for in person lab visit 


Consent form for preschool participation

If your child is enrolled in a participating preschool we have a video explaining the consent form and the consent form is below. 

3.1sub-study_consent _preschools.pdf